Masters of Professional Studies in Nursing

Level: Professional Master's Degree *
Starting year: 2011
Current CAPES Mark of the course: 3
Ato normativo: Homologado pelo CNE (Portaria MEC nº 609 de 14/03/2019)
Publicação DOU em 18 de março de 2019, Seç. 1, Pag. 105.
Number of credits for academic degree in disciplines: 30
Number of credits for academic degree from the dissertation ending: 6
Number of credits for academic degree others: 14
Admission period: Yearly
Admission Vacancies: 12 (2017/1), 12 (2017/1)

Target audience:

The master's program was established in 2011 and admits 12 students annually. It addresses changes in the nurse’s role, the quality of delivered care and, consequently, the health of our population. For this, it is expected that at the end of the course, the student will be able to:

  1. Critically analyze nursing care and health through its historical, philosophical, and theoretical and methodological assumptions;
  2. Develop research investigating the problems arising from professional practices, as well as learning the stages of the investigative process;
  3. Map local needs and propose interventions in their work based on scientific and technological knowledge;
  4. Develop and implement technologies, educational tools, and management practices appropriate for professional nursing;
  5. To develop research skills aimed at the development of the profession as a science, art and technology, consolidating research groups;
  6. Contribute to the production and dissemination of technical and scientific knowledge in the healthcare area, encouraging policies and practices that promote the individual health over the course of his life cycle .

The program targets nurses who are working in the public, philanthropic, or private health institutions nationwide or who are working in management positions within their practice.

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