Name: Selma de Jesus Bof Vêscovi
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 17/07/2017

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Sheilla Diniz Silveira Bicudo Advisor *

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Cândida Caniçali Primo Internal Examiner *
Hugo Cristo SantAnna External Examiner *
Maria Edla de Oliveira Bringuente Internal Alternate *
Roseane Vargas Rohr External Alternate *
Sheilla Diniz Silveira Bicudo Advisor *

Summary: VÊSCOVI, S. J. B. Mobile application for the assessment of people´s feet with diabetes mellitus. Master´s Degree dissertation. Federal University of Espirito Santo. 2017.

Introduction: Diabetes Mellitus is a serious public health problem responsible for several chronic complications, among them the diabetic foot which consequences lead to amputations of the lower limbs that can result in death, reduced quality of life, and generate great socioeconomic impact . The nurse, as a professional in direct contact with the person with diabetes, is essential to the development of actions for risk prevention, clinical monitoring, disease control and complications. Objective: To describe the development and validation of a mobile application on the assessment and risk assessment of people´s feet with Diabetes Mellitus. Methodology: Methodological study carried out in four stages: 1) Definition of requirements and elaboration of the conceptual model; 2) Generation of alternatives of implementation and prototyping; 3) Tests; And 4) Implementation. Considering the specificity of knowledge in technologies required to achieve the desired product, all stages of the study were developed at the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES) in a partnership between the Postgraduate Nursing Program (PPGENF), Cuidar Tech extension project (Laboratory of Nursing Technologies) and the Laboratory and Observatory of Ontologies Project (LOOP), linked to the Department of Industrial Design. The general method of application development was guided by the ABNT ISO / TR 16982: 2014 standard. In the first moment to elaborate the textual part of each screen , published guidelines in Europe and the Americas were used. Development and prototyping options were generated by using the Intel XDK software. In the test stage, the product was evaluated for usability by the Nielson heuristics, by the team that developed the application and validated for aspects of functionality, reliability, usability and efficiency by eight nurses, randomly selected for convenience, following the Brazilian standard ABNT ISO / IEC 25062: 2011, which recommends a minimum sampling of eight participants. The last step was launched in the Google Play Store app store. Results: In the evaluation of usability by Nielson heuristics , four catastrophic problems and four serious problems were detected which caused modifications. The evaluation by the nurses indicated that the mobile application "Take Care Tech Foot Exam" is according to the users´ needs. Products: A manuscript and a technical production. The manuscript depicts the development of the mobile application and the product was titled "Take Care Tech Foot Exam". Conclusion: It is expected that this will assist nurses in the assessment and risk assessment of the feet of people with Diabetes Mellitus, offering them a technological tool that contributes to their practice, assisting their performance in care and expanding the problem-solving capacity of Primary Health Care.

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