Name: Fabíola Zanetti Resende
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 28/03/2018

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Cândida Caniçali Primo Advisor *

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Franciéle Marabotti Costa Leite Internal Examiner *
Márcia Valéria de Souza Almeida Internal Alternate *
Marcia Regina Cubas External Examiner *
Marcos Antonio Gomes Brandão External Alternate *
Cândida Caniçali Primo Advisor *

Summary: Introduction: nursing care for women, children, and families in the breastfeeding process has a multiplicity of factors that can interfere with the initiation, maintenance and duration of breastfeeding. This study is in line with the line of research caring for nursing in the human development process. We seek to combine the benefits of Information and Communication Technologies with teaching-learning and the development of the Nursing Process to meet the demands of the hospital WHERE the master’s student works at, in order to collaborate in implementing the Nursing Process in maternities and Human Milk Banks. Objective: to reorganize the terminology subset of ICNP® to assist women, children, and families in breastfeeding and to develop an application to support the teaching of the Nursing Process in breastfeeding. Method: this is a methodological study. Subset reorganization was carried out in five stages: 1) cross-mapping between nursing diagnoses (DN) and nursing results (NR) of the subset of ICNP® and ICNP® 2015; 2) content validation of diagnoses and results; 3) cross-mapping between the nursing interventions (NI) of the subset and ICNP® 2015; 4) validation of interventions; and 5) structuring the subset. The application was developed in four stages: 1) definition of requirements and elaboration of the conceptual map; 2) generation of implementation and prototyping alternatives; 3) tests; and 4) implementation. Results/Products: thirteen diagnoses/results obtained CVI greater than or equal to 0.8 (13.3%); 34 from 0.6 to 0.79 (34.7%); and 51 less than 0.6 (52%). The terms “Lack of privacy”, “Decision-making for effective breastfeeding”, “Performance of the role of an effective mother” and “Performance of the role of an improved mother” did not have a validated statement that maintained the relationship between DN and NR. Thus, three more statements were added, totaling 50 ND/DR. Of the 396 NI submitted for validation, 350 statements obtained a CVI greater than or equal to 0.80. The application “CuidarTech Amamenta” is unprecedented and contains five navigation options: “subset of ICNP® on breastfeeding”, which brings 50 diagnoses, 27 results and 350 interventions; “Case studies”, with 10 cases for exercising diagnostic reasoning; “About ICNP®”, “About subsets of ICNP®”, and “About Interactive Theory of Breastfeeding”, which contain content on each of these themes; and “Credits”, which presents the team in charge. Conclusion: Validation involved nurses from all regions of Brazil, pointing out the representativeness of the statements in the clinical practice experienced in maternity hospitals, Neonatal Intensive Care Units, Human Milk Banks and primary care. The subset and the application are relevant for scientific and technological development. They have the potential to generate impact and be applied at local, regional, and national level, as they can be used in teaching and learning to support nurses and students for diagnostic reasoning and decision-making, in addition to providing subsidies for advancing the implantation of the Nursing Process/consultation. The subset will be made available on the institution’s intranet. After testing, the application will be registered and made available. Both productions will be incorporated into undergraduate nursing education in the Women’s, Child and Adolescent Health course.

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