Name: Maryanni Magalhães Camargo
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 13/03/2020

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Mirian Fioresi Co-advisor *
Walckiria Garcia Romero Sipolatti Advisor *

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Amália de Fátima Lucena External Examiner *
Eliane de Fátima Almeida Lima Internal Examiner *
Fabio Lucio Tavares External Alternate *
Lorena Barros Furieri Internal Alternate *
Mirian Fioresi Co advisor *
Walckiria Garcia Romero Sipolatti Advisor *

Summary: Introduction: Nurses in their clinical practice in Intensive Care Units (ICU) use scales to assess clinical severity and nursing workload to direct care and adapt human and material resources to meet care demands. Thus, aiming to meet an institutional demand for adjustments in the management of nursing care for critical patients in the Intensive Care sector in which the researcher is inserted, instigated the construction of an instrument that assists in the dimensioning of nursing personnel. This project is aligned with the research line of nursing care in the human development process, and was developed in partnership with the ICU nursing team. Objective: Build and validate the content of a scale to estimate the nursing workload in the ICU. Methods: Methodological research based on six stages for the construction of measurement instruments in the health area: Stage I- Establishment of the conceptual structure; Stage II- Definition of the objectives of the instrument and the population involved; II¬I- Construction of items and response scales through an integrative literature review to survey clinical indicators for ICU care; IV- Selection and organization of items by cross-mapping between clinical indicators for ICU care and nursing interventions in the Classification of Nursing Interventions (NIC); Step V- Instrumentation of the instrument; and Stage VI - Content Validity, considering items with values equal to or greater than 0.8 by the Content Validity Index (IVC). Results/Products: Two products were built: an unprecedented scale for estimating the ICU nursing workload with validated content that aims to equip nurses in the distribution of nursing professionals and in the management of care for critical patients; and an assistance guide for prescribing care for critical patients based on NIC nursing interventions and activities. Conclusion: This research produced two products of great relevance for nursing care practice. The scale for estimating nursing workload in the ICU is unprecedented and can be incorporated into clinical nursing practice at the local, regional and national level, as it includes clinical indicators for care that describe the reality of the Brazilian population, in addition to the representativeness and nursing empowerment through the use of a standardized language specific to the profession to estimate the workload. The assistance guide for prescribing care for critical patients based on NIC´s nursing interventions and activities is relevant to scientific and technological development, as it will contribute to the execution of the appropriate nursing process directed to the critical patient. The products of this research were registered at the National Library and are available free of charge on the website of the Graduate Program of the Professional Master´s in Nursing at the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES) for wide use in the practice of nurses in an autonomous or institutionalized manner and will be incorporated by the research institution´s health institution.

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