Name: Renata Vicente da Penha
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 17/04/2020

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Karla de Melo Batista Advisor *
Paula Cristina de Andrade Pires Olympio Co-advisor *

Examining board:

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Bartira de Aguiar Roza External Examiner *
Eliane de Fátima Almeida Lima Internal Examiner *
Fabiana Gonring Xavier External Alternate *
Franciéle Marabotti Costa Leite Internal Alternate *
Karla de Melo Batista Advisor *

Summary: Introduction: Heart transplantation is a treatment option for patients with advanced
heart failure. In this context, the nurse has the responsibility to carry out the
evaluation and the nursing care plan, thus, the performance of the nursing process
is essential for the quality of care. Objective: To develop a care technology for the
application of the nursing process in heart transplant patients for the use in the
outpatient level. Methodology: This is an applied methodological study, with
technological production, developed in four stages. 1) Survey of the nursing
problems for patients with heart failure; 2) Technical and scientific script preparation,
based on the Basic Human Needs Theory of Horta for the application of the nursing
process to heart transplant patients and the production of the piece of technology;
3) Content validation of the piece of technology; 4) Software prototype. The two
initial stages were done with the literature review of cardiology books, and the
guidelines: Brazilian Chronic and Acute Heart Failure, and the Brazilian
Transplantation Guidelines, completed by the researchers’ experience. After, with
the support of the Basic Human Needs Theory of Wanda Horta, a script for the
assistance of the person with heart failure was prepared. The third stage comprised
of the validation of the content by consensus, with 12 judges, and using a Content
Validity Index, with the agreement accepted when higher than 0.80. The fourth stage
was the prototype of a software. Result: A general average of 0.91 in the Content
Validity Index was obtained. Products: This work enabled the preparation of a script
for the application of the Nursing Process to heart transplant patients, the prototype
of a software for the application of the Nursing Process to heart transplant patients;
and the creation of the software’s logo. Final considerations: This study described
the detailed construction of a proposal for the use of a script validated by specialists
in the area that will be included in a software that will enable to register data of
patients that are being followed when in pre-heart transplant condition. New studies
might be done using this prototype to give shape to the building of a software, and
for the applied, tested and efficacy validated use for the assistance of people in
outpatient follow up.

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