Name: Nubia Bosi Galletti
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 04/08/2021

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Bruno Henrique Fiorin Co-advisor *
Walckiria Garcia Romero Sipolatti Advisor *

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Andressa Bolsoni Lopes External Alternate *
Bruno Henrique Fiorin Co advisor *
Eliane de Fátima Almeida Lima Internal Examiner *
Mirian Fioresi Internal Alternate *
Rita Simone Lopes Moreira External Examiner *
Walckiria Garcia Romero Sipolatti Advisor *

Summary: Introduction: The care provided by nurses to patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome in emergency units should be systematized and based on the best evidence contained in guidelines and recommendations. Inserted in this context is the nursing diagnosis of “Decreased cardiac output”. To respond to the care precepts and meet an institutional demand, a nursing care guide and a specific care flowchart for patients with a nursing diagnosis of Decreased Cardiac Output in Acute Coronary Syndrome in the emergency room, in which the researcher is inserted, was developed, select the care . This project is in line with the research line of nursing care in the human development process. Objectives: To develop and validate nursing care guide and care flowchart for patients with the nursing diagnosis “Decreased cardiac output” related to acute coronary syndrome in emergency. Methodology: Methodological research divided into three stages: Step I: integrative literature review for the identification of clinical indicators by patients with decreased cardiac output. Stage II: Development of the nursing care guide with content assessment by a group of experts and Stage III: Content validation by judges. Results / Products: Construction of a nursing care guide and a care flowchart for patients with reduced cardiac output in Acute Coronary Syndrome in Emergency. Conclusion: This research promoted the development of two important products for the clinical practice of nursing. A care guide for patients with reduced cardiac output in acute coronary syndrome in the emergency room, based on NIC nursing interventions and activities, and an unprecedented flowchart of care, based on the main guidelines and best practice recommendations. Both aim to improve the nurses` work methodology, and consequently the nursing staff, enabling the definition of systematized interventions and activities, reducing the time to identify the main signs, symptoms and complications, supporting the improvement of care provided beyond the possibility promoting the visibility of nursing behaviors. The products of this research were registered at the National Library and are available free of charge on the website of the Graduate Program of the Professional Master`s in Nursing at the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES) for viewing and use in the practice of nurses in an autonomous or institutionalized manner and will be incorporated by the research institution`s health institution.

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