Name: Odelle Mourão Alves
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 01/04/2020

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Cândida Caniçali Primo Co-advisor *
Franciéle Marabotti Costa Leite Advisor *

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Eliane de Fátima Almeida Lima Internal Examiner *
Márcia Valéria de Souza Almeida Internal Alternate *
Fabio Lucio Tavares External Examiner *
Cândida Caniçali Primo Co advisor *
Franciéle Marabotti Costa Leite Advisor *

Summary: Introduction: Sexual violence is considered one of the most severe and cruel expressions of gender violence. This violence extends throughout history until the present days in a pandemic dimension, capable of generating serious consequences to the health of women in short and long terms, in the physical, psychological and economic areas. In this context, the nurse should be capable to give qualified assistance that is able to accommodate, to investigate diagnostic hypothesis, and to assist women in their altered human needs. The Nursing Process is an instrument for the operationalization of this assistance. However, the university hospital does not have an organized nursing process for this clientele, and it is not done systematically. General Objective: To identify the main nursing diagnoses related to the basic altered human needs; to validate the nursing diagnoses, correlating the nursing interventions and activities; and to develop an educational application to support the process and the nursing visit in the assistance of the woman in situation of sexual violence. Methodology: This is a methodological study that used the theoretical reference of the Basic Human Needs of Horta, the classifications North American Nursing Diagnosis Association and International and Nursing Intervention Classification and International Classification for Nursing Practice, developed in three stages: 1) Identification of the main nursing diagnoses; 2) Validation of the nursing diagnoses, interventions through the Delphi method; and 3) The construction of a mobile application. Results: This research had as result the mapping of 32 Nursing diagnoses correlated with 374 nursing interventions, focused on the care of the woman in situation of sexual violence. The application “CuidarTech EnfPorELas” presents three navigation options: “Nursing diagnoses and interventions” – containing nursing diagnoses and interventions that are relevant for the assistance to the woman in situation of sexual violence; “Nursing Process” – exhibits theoretical contents about the Nursing Process; and “Credits” – the executive team. Conclusion: The application is an original piece of technology that can contribute to the work of the nurse, directing the assistance to women in situation of sexual violence through the Nursing Process.

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