Name: Camila Andrade Ferreira dos Santos
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 18/02/2022

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Karla de Melo Batista Advisor *
Paula Cristina de Andrade Pires Olympio Co-advisor *

Examining board:

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Karla de Melo Batista Advisor *
Fabio Lucio Tavares External Examiner *
Leila Massaroni Internal Examiner *

Summary: Introduction: Patients who undergo myocardial revascularization surgery have their
basic human needs impaired, which should be considered by nurses when planning
hospital discharge. Objectives: To produce and validate the content of an educational
technology that addresses the basic human needs of post-discharge patients
undergoing cardiac surgery. Method: Applied methodological study, with the
production of a technology, developed in four stages: 1) Survey of nursing problems
of cardiac surgery patients in hospital discharge; 2) elaboration of the technical guide
for the creation of the technology. 3) Development of an educational technology in
health to meet the basic human needs of patients undergoing revascularization surgery
based on Wanda Horta´s theory of basic human needs; and 4) validation of educational
technology content by 15 judges. Results: Based on a literature review, it was possible
to survey the main nursing problems in the postoperative period of cardiac surgery and
identify the basic human needs affected according to Wanda Horta´s theory. After this
survey, it was possible to develop and validate the content of the educational
technology for patients at the time of hospital discharge, with a total CVI of 0.92, and
the care that the patient should have after hospital discharge to recover the basic
human needs affected. Product: A technical guide was developed oriented by the
guidelines for post-discharge care of the patient undergoing coronary artery bypass
graft surgery, based on Wanda Horta´s Theory of Human Needs, the booklet of postdischarge care guidelines and three characters (Nurse Paula, Antônio and Maria).
Final Consideration: The orientations present in the technical script are valid and can
contribute to the implementation of the routine of care orientations for the post
discharge period of patients submitted to myocardial revascularization, contributing to
the improvement of the nurse’s work process in the discharge planning of these
patients and allowing the patient the access to the necessary information to reestablish
his/her needs at home. The educational booklet presents the most relevant
orientations of the script, but in a playful way, with the use of characters and a simpler
language to the patient, allowing him to consult the information at home, considering
the time in weeks after the surgery, facilitating self-care and the return to his activities

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