Name: Pollyana Pinto Gonçalves Teixeira
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 05/08/2022

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Marluce Mechelli de Siqueira Advisor *

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Bruno Henrique Fiorin Internal Alternate *
Donizete Vago Daher External Alternate *
Eliane de Fátima Almeida Lima Internal Examiner *
Marcos Vinícius Ferreira dos Santos Co advisor *
Maria Tereza Coimbra de Carvalho External Examiner *
Marluce Mechelli de Siqueira Advisor *

Summary: Introduction: The evaluation of client satisfaction with the service is one of the elements of the quality
of a health service. In this way, an evaluation of services seeks to understand the technical
performance and the personal relationship with the customer. Objectives: evaluating the quality of a
specialized health service from the client´s perspective and developing a managerial and educational
technology. Methodology: It is an evaluative, cross-sectional study with a quantitative approach, carried out with 100 clients over 18 years of age, in a specialized clinic. The research was made
through the following steps: 1st) Measure: application of the semi-structured questionnaire and the
Servqual scale to measure the costume’s profile e its relationship with the service, as well as the
evaluation of expectations and the perception of service quality; 2nd) Validate, Interpret and describe:
descriptive statistics were used (customer and service profile) and analytical statistics (Cronbach´s
Alpha to validate the perception and expectation sub-items-; Spearman´s coefficient for the correlation
between the sub-items of the SERVQUAL scale and Wilcoxon-Test to detect the difference between
the answers of each item); 3rd) Judge: the quality dimensions that interfere in the process of service
improvement for planning the actions and organizational processes of the Clinic; 4th) Intervene:
development of products (technical and scientifics). Results: Most clients who participated in the
research were female (63.0%), in the adult age group (77.0%) with an average of 46.4 years, in the
married category (55.0%), resident in Vitória (44.0%), with a high level of education, being 39.0% with
graduation and 36.00% with post-graduation. Regarding the characteristics related to the service, most clients have already used the clinic service twice or more (62.0%), had a healthcare plan
(94.0%), were not accompanied (73.0%), sought the service to carry out consultations (78.0%) and
chose WhatsApp as the best means of communication to answer the second stage of the
questionnaire (57.0%). Concerning customer loyalty, 99.0% would recommend the clinic to friends and
family. Products: a managerial technology adapted to the clinic´s management software for tracking
and monitoring quality indicators and integration with WhatsApp for sending a satisfaction survey; an
audiovisual educational technology (informative video) to raise awareness, involvement, and
interaction with the multidisciplinary team in the investigated situation; and an article for publication. Conclusions: In the general assessment of service quality (satisfactory), it was identified that the
dimensions of quality, tangibility and service had greater satisfaction and the dimensions empathy,
trust and safety, less satisfaction. Therefore, our findings indicate the need to prioritize investment in
actions aimed at interpersonal (client-team) and intrapersonal (team-team) issues, thus seeking to
guarantee the quality of services provided and, consequently, customer satisfaction.

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