Name: Fernanda Poleze da Silva
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 09/12/2013

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Túlio Alberto Martins de Figueiredo Advisor *

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Túlio Alberto Martins de Figueiredo Advisor *
Francis Sodré External Alternate *
Maria Carlota Rezende Coelho Internal Alternate *
Denise Silveira de Castro Internal Examiner *

Summary: This study aims to provide a basic knowledge to a co-production with the
nursing assistants Health Unit Thomaz Tommasi (USFTT) to create and
recreate new ways of living and working in the Family Health Strategy,
identifying through photographic records considered pleasurable situations and
situations of suffering considered in this work professionally. This is a qualitative study ,that use the methological proposal as an inspiration in the Clinical of the Activity of Yves Clot . The survey was conducted in USFTT using nursing assistants as the actors of the study. This paper is related to a researchintervention measure that empowers the creation of gaps in the realization of differents ways. As the toolbox we used the photography taken by the nursing assistant. We conducted a workshop with the group Photos of nursing. The analyse departed of that experience, were knowledge and share do not differentiate, WHERE the subjects also become co - authors of the study. These analyzes allowed intervention that focuses on the production of subjectivity, and, differentiate the actual activity of the prescribed activity, expanding the resources for the nursing assistant be able to face your work through differentes experiences creating new alliances.

Keywords: family health, activity, nursing, work.

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