Name: Kassia Regina de Castro Rosseto
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 13/12/2013

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Leila Massaroni Co-advisor *
Mirian Fioresi Advisor *

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Elizabete Regina Araújo de Oliveira External Alternate *
Leila Massaroni Co advisor *
Lorena Barros Furieri Internal Alternate *
Mirian Fioresi Advisor *
Rafael Celestino da Silva External Examiner *
Walckiria Garcia Romero Sipolatti Internal Examiner *

Summary: This study addresses the patient’s evaluation about the contribution of the nurse orientation program conducted in the preoperative on cardiology patients in the Hospital Universitário Cassiano Antônio Moraes. The orientation presurgical aims to reduce patient anxiety and enable to detect as well as solve nurses the problems faced by the patients. Objective: To analyze the contributions of a nursing education program applied during the preoperative phase. Methodology: This is a descriptive research both qualitative and quantitative approach. The sample consisted of 51 patients older than 18 years, inserted in the preoperative program, who underwent heart surgery via sternotomy. Results: Most patients demonstrated knowledge of perioperative behaviors in accordance with the guidelines. The research showed patients low understanding with regarding to admission into the intensive care unit,
the need of urinary catheter and limited adherence to breathing exercises. Results related to intubation (p = 0.017) and the use of urinary catheter (p = 0.037) were related to low level of education. There was moderate negative correlation (p = 0.314) between the consistency of answers and the time between explanation and surgery. The results show that the patients identify the nurses as educators suggesting that preoperative orientation lead to the recovery of patients undergoing cardiac surgery. However there was evidence of need for an suitable educational practice applied. Conclusion: These findings confirm the nurses duties, as health educator, who must encourages the maintenance of routine preoperative guidelines and providing feedback to adapt the educational program implemented.

Keywords: Cardiac Surgery; Perioperative Nursing; Nursing Care; Health Education.

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