Name: Vivian Moro Fonseca
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 26/11/2013

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Maria Cristina Ramos Advisor *

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Elizabete Regina Araújo de Oliveira Internal Alternate *
Franciéle Marabotti Costa Leite Co advisor *
Maria Cristina Ramos Advisor *
Maria Helena Costa Amorim Internal Examiner *
Nagela Valadão Cade External Alternate *
Telma Ribeiro Garcia External Examiner *

Summary: Introduction: an antineoplastic chemotherapy has become one of de most
important and a promising way to combat the cancer however can cause
several adverse effects. The knowledge of these effects subsidizes tools for
planning nursing care to the patient’s necessity and can help on the control of
symptoms. Objective: to draw up a treatment protocol to the person
undergoing chemotherapy in order to adverse effects of medication; to
elaborate affirmative of nursing diagnosis based on adverse effects and
developing interventions for patients who undergo chemotherapy.
Methodology: an exploratory-descriptive study. A literature review was
conducted to identify adverse effects related to chemotherapy. On the basis of
adverse effects identified were chosen focus axis in terms of the International
Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP®
) version 2011. The chosen terms
guided the construction of affirmative nursing diagnosis and the development of
interventions. Those were based on the Supportive-educative System Theory of
Dorothea Orem. Results: 20 adverse events in chemotherapy have been
indentified by reviewing the literature and the most common being: oral
mucositis, infections, nausea, bleeding, vomiting, neutropenia and alopecia
respectively. Based on 20 adverse effects identified were chosen 25 terms from
focus axis in ICNP®
that were the basis for the construction of 99 statements of
nursing diagnoses/results and 175 interventions for those patients.
Conclusion: the application of the nursing process facilitates the development
of a care plan and systematize nursing care. The nursing diagnoses built and
their respect interventions favors an improved assessment and the care for
patients undergoing chemotherapy. The interventions based on educational
process can be tools for patients and family become subjects of care with
actions aimed at facing with problems resulted from the treatment.
Keywords: Nursing care. Nursing Diagnosis. Adverse Effects. Protocols. Drug

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