Name: Gabrielle Begido Gonzaga
Type: MSc dissertation
Publication date: 26/06/2015

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Leila Massaroni Advisor *
Thiago Nascimento do Prado Co advisor *
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Maria Helena Costa Amorim Internal Alternate *
Eliane de Fátima Almeida Lima Internal Examiner *

Summary: the care of patients suffering from wounds is a multidisciplinary
challenge in the healthcare area, but certainly there is a bigger impact in the nursing activities. Wound care is a dynamic, complex process that requires specific knowledge of nurses, which is the professional who will develop this care, both in the prevention as well as on the treatment. In Brazil, a large number of individuals suffer from alterations of the cutaneo-mucosa and constitutes a serious public health problem. Objectives: Verify the knowledge of nurses on the evaluation and treatment of wounds, describe the daily activity assisting the care of wounds. Methodology: this is a sectional study of -descriptive nature held in a university hospital in January 2015 with 55 inpatient unit nurses, through the evaluation of knowledge and practice assisting patients who needed wound care. It was used a questionnaire with 34 questions regarding socio-demographic profile, wound knowledge and practice. The analysis of the data was conducted by descriptive statistics analysis using absolute and relative frequency calculations; STATA Version 13.0 was used on the analysis. Results: Out of the 55 nurses interviewed, 81.8% were female; the predominant age of the group was between 26 to 30 years old; 92.7% showed regular knowledge on the subject. The majority (45, 82%) had Lato
Sensu specialization; of which only 1 (1.8%) focused on stomatherapy. . Moreover 67.3% reported not having obtained sufficient knowledge of wound care at under graduation. Most of the nurses use some updated source on the subject, such as: congresses, conferences, symposia and other (82%). Conclusion: The results of this paper show a high number of nurses with inadequate knowledge about the care of wounds. This knowledge deficit has meaningfully impacted the practice of these

Keywords: nursing care, evaluation, knowledge, wounds and injuries.

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