Publication date: 06/04/2020

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Summary: Introduction: The human milk bank is a specialized service responsible for the promotion, protection and support to breastfeeding through the clinical assistance for women with issues in breastfeeding, the collection of donated human milk, the pasteurization, and the distribution of that milk. To ensure the human milk stock, the services need to develop mechanisms for the adherence of the donors; and investing in an application for the management of the collection of milk is a strategy for that. Hence, aiming at attending an institutional demand for the improvement of the management of the domicile collection of human milk, started the development of an application. This project is in line with the research area of healthcare systems organization and evaluation; and was developed in partnership with the staff of the human milk bank of the institution to which the researcher is bonded. Objectives: To produce the content for an application for the management of the domicile collection of human milk; to develop and evaluate an application for the management and collection of human milk. Method: This is an applied research of technological development that used the method of User Centred Design, done in three stages: 1) Research organization; 2) Application development; and 3) Application evaluation. In the first stage, a selection of content was done, with the choice of literature for the textual development of the application, meeting with the staff involved, research of similar applications, research with donors. In the second stage, the application was developed in four stages: 1. Definition of the requisites and elaboration of the application’s structure; 2. Generation of implementation and prototyping alternatives; 3. Tests; and 4. Implementation. In the third stage, the application was evaluated by eight specialists in the healthcare area of human milk bank. To evaluate the agreement, the Content Validity Index was used, and 80% of the content was considered adequate. After this, it was evaluated by three donors. Results/Product: The mobile application “CuidarTech Doe Leite” contains five navigation options: “Profile” – which allows the donor to visualize her registration and personal data; “My donations” – which allows access to the history of donations and to visualize messages sent by the milk bank; “Domicile collection” – the donor may schedule the milk collection for donation, and allows for the cancelling of donor registration; “Information about human milk donation” with information relevant for the process of human milk donation; “Talk to the milk bank” which has the telephone, email and the option of messaging to contact the staff. The evaluation with the specialists and donors considered the content, the objectives, and the structure to be adequate, of easy usability, efficient, functional, and very relevant. Conclusion: “CuidarTech Doe Leite” is an original application for the management of domicile collection of human milk. This research has the potential to generate impact and to be applied at the local, regional and national levels, for it describes in a systematized way the stages and resources necessary to the development of a piece of technology for the management of the donation of human milk. After finalizing and tests, the application will be included for use in the Human Milk Bank of the institution.

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