Publication date: 25/09/2023

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Summary: Introduction: Oncology surgical patients face challenges in the preoperative period that can generate doubts about self-care and lead to patient-related surgical cancellations, preoperative stress and low general satisfaction. In this sense, telenursing programs have been structured to promote preoperative education for those waiting for surgery at home. However, little has been explored about the impact of telenursing on this issue. So, the question arises: can telenursing improve general satisfaction, reduce preoperative stress and the surgical cancellation rate in oncology patients? Objectives: To evaluate the impact of a telenursing program on preoperative stress and the surgical cancellation rate in cancer patients. Methodology: This is a mixed methods study with exploratory sequential design and QUALquan desing, consisting of interdependent studies divided into three phases: 1 – retrospective study on the reasons for surgical cancellation; 2 – methodological study for the development and validation of preoperative telenursing program technologies; 3 – experimental study of the post-test only type with a control group to assess the impact of the program. Results: Five technologies were built and validated to support the preoperative telenursing program. A total of 160 patients participated in the experimental research, of which 80 belonged to the control group and 80 to the intervention group, which demonstrated similar sociodemographic characteristics. Regarding the evaluated metrics, the total preoperative stress level score measured by the B-MESP scale was lower in the intervention group (p <0.01). As for the number of surgical cancellations, in the control group there were 14 cancellations, while in the intervention group telenursing was able to reduce this metric to zero (p <0.001). Regarding the satisfaction level of the General Practice Nurse Satisfaction Scale, the telenursing program obtained an average of 97.65 points. Products: preoperative telenursing care protocol, standard preoperative telenursing operating procedure, preoperative telenursing registration form, preoperative telenursing care guide and checklist infographic for preoperative telenursing. Final consideration: The oncology preoperative telenursing program was able to reduce the level of stress and the number of surgical cancellations, as well as showing a high level of satisfaction among patients.

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